Tenuta di Paganico is a typical agricultural and livestock estate located in the very heart of Tuscan Maremma, where the outstanding natural environment still maintains traces of its Etruscan and Roman heritage. Tenuta di Paganico’s unique feature is that it remains fully a part of Maremma, a world of its own which has preserved the characteristics, traditions and habits which man inherited from the land.

“This is what Maremma is like, it overcomes you completely, masculine, poor and proud; when it deigns to reveal itself once, if you have eyes to see, you have it in your blood, forever”

(Delfino Cinelli “Maremma” 1931)

Tenuta di Paganico is located near the medieval village of Paganico, which, founded by the Sienese as a defense against the Turks, in the Middle Ages became a feud of the powerful A. family and then, until the early 1900s, belonged to the Marquiss Patrizi.

Further to its purchase by the Uzielli family in 1922, the Estate passed from tenant farming to direct management. Today, thanks to this well-established method of management, Tenuta di Paganico is an example of perfect integration between modern technologies and traditional natural resources of Maremma, featuring cattle-breeding ( Chianina and Maremmana ) pig farming ( Cinta Senese) and stud horses (Maremmana breed ), as well as cultivation of cereals and forage growing, production of olive oil and Montecucco wine, and silviculture.

The management policies applied and proposed by Tenuta di Paganico are based on a firm, deeply felt belief: in a territory like Maremma, traditionally rural and rich in splendid natural beauty, the coupling of “organic farming” and “farm holidays” is the best way to guarantee sustainable economic development, today and tomorrow.

Tenuta di Paganico Società Agricola Spa Via della Stazione 10 Paganico (Gr) 58048 P.Iva e CF 00100000538  

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