Since 1997 Tenuta di Paganico offers high quality accommodation  in fully and carefully restored and furnished rural buildings. The rooms and apartments are genuinely comfortable and the location  offers the unique opportunity of an interesting, active farm holiday, immersed in the nature of the Maremman countryside and in constant contact with the Estate’s daily life.


About the meaning and value of a stay at Tenuta di Paganico


Those who choose to visit and get to know, among all the possible options, a place of such great breadth as Tenuta di Paganico is, certainly realize the meaning and importance of having the chance to live, even if only for a short time, completely immersed in a lively, vital and dynamic countryside, deeply bound to the surrounding environment rich in a striking variety of important natural, historic and social aspects.


This choice is not only an instinctive response to today’s longing for “paradise lost”, and “uncontaminated nature”, both, as of today, irredeemable; it is actually a response to the heartfelt, though inconscious, need to regain contact with all those feelings, stimuli, sensations which have in a sense, escaped from our hands and our hearts, the need to retrace those roads which lead us from the men of the past to the men of the present, men who firmly believe in farming, in breeding, in the efforts and struggles and intelligence of those that, thanks to their hands and their minds, have transformed even the harshest areas of Tuscany, enlarging ancient Etruscan settlements and creating an incredibly lovely landscape admired by all thanks to the harmonious symbiosis of nature, culture and civilization. 


A rural building is a very important, inalienable, part of an agricultural Estate, it, inalienable in fact. Restoring rural buildings to sell them, or use them for purposes unrelated to the aims and life of the Estate would in fact result in an impoverishment; thus, Tenuta di Paganico has chosen to restore and refurbish the existing farmhouses and buildings to meet the requirements of hospitality and activities.


Tenuta di Paganico Società Agricola Spa Via della Stazione 10 Paganico (Gr) 58048 P.Iva e CF 00100000538  

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