“What is more delicious than a fiorentina steak, at least “three fingers” (i.e. 2 inches) thick, cooked on a charcoal fire like the Lord of the stove commands? What is more nutritious, tastier, more fragrant? But the meat must be tender, healthy, and from a healthy, fine-breed calf”


“Cosa c’è di più buono di una “fiorentina” alta almeno tre dita, cotta come il dio dei fornelli comanda sulla brace del carbone di legna? Cosa c’è di più nutriente, di più saporito, di più profumato? A patto però che la carne sia morbida, sia sana e ci giunga da un vitello di razza pregiata”


A. Santini “ La grande bistecca”(“The great steak”) Lucca 1999


High-quality breeds of cattle, Maremmana, Chianina and Limousine have always been bred on the Estate. The calves are born wild in the over 1500 hectares of woods and pastures and stay with their mothers until they are 6 months old, thus, they grow up naturally whih has a strong positive impact on their health and general well-being which, in turn, intensifies the meat’s fullness and organoleptic qualities.


Even after weaning the animals continue to live outdoors, grazing in pastures in the open air, and are fed exclusively with organic foods produced on the Estate in strict compliance with the rules of organic farming.


The Estate’s management carefully supervises the processing and packaging of the meat, into packs of 5, 10 or 25 kilos; each pack contains a balanced selection of different cuts, thus, in typical Maremman tradition, consumers have the opportunity to experience and appreciate the different parts of the animal.


Packs are delivered in thermic vacuum-packed containers.


The beef and pork from the animals bred on the Estate is processed in the “Opificio”, inaugurated last March 2009; this newborn facility also hosts a Farmshop&Product Tasting, open to the public where, buyers may taste and purchase the meat directly.


Tenuta di Paganico Società Agricola Spa Via della Stazione 10 Paganico (Gr) 58048 P.Iva e CF 00100000538  

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