Organic extra-virgin olive oil
2009 harvest

Cultivar: Correggiolo 53%, Moraiolo 30%, Leccino 5% and Pendolino 2%
Quantity produced: 600 litres [approx. 150 gallons]
Planted in : 50% in the1950s - 50% of shoots recovered? further to the 1985 freeze
Exposure: South-East, 110 metres above sea level 110 mt s.l.m.
Terrain: clay with frequent skeleton
Training* system: poly-conic vase ; sesto 6 x 8 mt
Plant Management : no pesticides or other treatments used
Fertilization: organic manure from our barns and legume crops
Harvest: mid-October; olives are hand-picked
Crushing: within 48 hours of harvest; olives are crushed in a three phase continuous cycle
(de-foliating, cleansing, crushing; braking, three-phase decanting; vertical centrifuge)
Decanting: natural; followed by bottling in November
Bottling: November
Packaging : 0.75 lt bottles - 5 lt tins
Cost: €11 per 0.75 lt bottle; €50 per 5 lt tin

Comments: Our organic extra-virgin olive oil fully expresses carries the Maremman territory where the trees grow and the oil is produced. it is born, within, and expresses it fully! At a glance, its colour is a perfect, harmonious blend of greens and yellows. Its scent captures your senses : vital and aromatic, in it one can practically perceive nuances of aromatic herbs, tomato leaf and laurel and even a subtle hint of coffee …
On the palate it is pure joy: rich, harmonious, a full complete taste, our olive oil boasts an exceptional variety of delicate vegetable flavours, from rhubarb to onion to chicory, to hints of spicy red pepper, aromatic herbs and artichoke!
It is excellent served with legume and vegetable soups, grilled and fresh vegetables, grilled red meats and seasoned cheeses.


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